Boat Dock Spider Control

Are you tired of dealing with spiders, wasps, or frightening mud dauber around your dock or marina? Are you spending hours cleaning your dock and boat from spider webs and droppings? Enjoy your weekends on the lake, let us do the work for you. Our boat dock spraying program includes once a month treatment from April through September. Get your dock treated to repel spiders and other pests and start spending more time out on the lake.

We use a high-pressure sprayer to reach every part of your dock from the ramp to the swim platform. Brushes on extended poles are used to remove visible spider webs, egg sacks, and insect nests. We use a formula made of essential oils, making it completely eco-friendly, safe for your guests, your pets, children, and our environment. As pests ingest the formula it will dehydrate them (not poison them) from the inside out and prevent more bothersome pests from coming back to your dock.

We spray your dock from the Floats to the Roof!

Many of our competitors claim to offer boat dock spraying, but they use handheld sprayers and other equipment designed for homes. They simply can’t reach your entire dock with those sprayers. We use boat-mounted 800psi hoses that can spray up to 100 feet into the air. There isn’t a single part of your dock that won’t be covered.

Our team members are reliable, on time, and always in communication with you. We won’t leave you waiting around all day and then not show up. We ensure you are aware of our progress and estimated time of completion. In addition, we love what we do, so you will find us with a smile on our face, eager to help you with any questions or issues that you may have; providing you with a wide range of options for pest control, as well as boat and dock spraying.

Ready to have a completely pest-free boat dock?

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