Brush & Weed Control

If you own a large outdoor area such as a parking lot, easement or fence row, you know that controlling unwanted vegetation is exceedingly difficult. Unwanted weeds, shrubs, vines, trees or other vegetation growth is unsightly and can cause damage to your property.

Aqua Pest Solutions offers our Brush & Weed Control in the Lakes Area of Missouri. We have custom-designed plans to remove any unwanted vegetation and will conduct regular pre-determined visits to treat the property to ensure they stay away.

We use truck-mounted and boat-mounted 500psi hoses that can spray up to 100 feet into the air. There isn’t a single part of your property that won’t be covered.

Our Vegetation Control is perfect for:

Parking Lots
Fence Rows
Drainage Areas
Transfer Stations
Rip Rap
Beach Areas
And much more!
We strive to use the newest, most child-friendly, pet-friendly and environmentally friendly technologies in all of our control programs. Our pest control chemicals are completely safe for you, your guests and the environment!


Ready for a property that is free of unwanted vegetation? Contact us today for a FREE estimate!