Lawn & Tree Services

Lawn Care

Aqua Pest Solutions’ offers Lawn Care Programs to protect the value and beauty of your home, keeping your turf in top shape. Our services include pre-emergence, turf insecticides, and broadleaf weed control. We also offer micronutrients, fertilization, overseeding and aeration services to keep your lawn healthy and green. Our experts will complete an on-sight review and conduct a complete soil analysis to determine what your lawn needs to flourish. Based on the findings of our professional inspection and analysis, we will provide you with a custom lawn care program to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.

Our lawn care protects against:

Undesirable Grass
Broadleaf Weeds

Tree & Shrub Care

In addition to our Lawn Care Program, we are equipped to treat and feed your tree and shrub needs with a controlled release nitrogen and root stimulator. We can help protect your trees and shrubs to withstand disease, insects, heat, traffic, construction damage, and drought. We will conduct a specialized application for your vegetation to maximize growth and control insects and plant diseases.

Our tree & shrub care protects against:

Bag Worms
Spider Mites
Elm Beetles
Saw Flies
Box Elders
Scale Borers
Tent Caterpillars
Leaf Miners

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