Residential Pest Control Services

Wherever you live at Lake of the Ozarks, your home is susceptible to pests of all kinds. These bugs, rodents and other creatures aren’t just a nuisance, they can also expose you to diseases. Pesky wildlife can invade your home, causing extensive damage. In addition, pests such as the Brown Recluse and others have poisonous venom that can cause severe injury, even death.


Aqua Pest Solutions provides custom designed treatment programs to control any pest problem. Implementing a year-round treatment program preventing pests from invading your home. We offer free estimates and an extensive initial inspection of the crawl space, foundation, invasive areas such as doors, windows, and utility inlets along with interior areas known to harbor pests.

We do an invasive first-time treatment for an existing problem; after initial service is complete we recommend an ongoing proactive pest control program consisting of bi-monthly or monthly inspections and applications to prevent new pest invasions.

With each service, we treat the interior baseboards, doors, windows, outlets, return air chase, and at times necessary to treat attic for an additional charge. We place glue monitors along interior baseboards with an emphasis on sleeping areas where most people are bitten, to check for new pest activity. During warmer months we treat the exterior from the foundation to the roof edge, crawl space, and remove visual webs, dirt dauber and wasps nests.

Commercial Pest Control Services

Whether your business is a retail store, office building, apartment building, manufacturing or processing facility, professionalism is our top priority. Pests not only create a public nuisance, they also can create unsightly messes, spread illness and cause damage. Any of these things can hurt your company’s reputation.

That’s why Aqua Pest Solutions Pest Control offers specialized pest control services for your business property! Our pest control services are designed to eliminate pests from your business, so that you don’t have to worry about infestations or invasions in the future. We use the newest, most effective products in all of our control programs. Our initial inspection of your business includes an intensive treatment of the inside and the exterior perimeter. After the initial pest control service has been done, our ongoing commercial pest control program includes monthly, bi-monthly, or every other month inspections and treatments to make sure that there have been no new pest invasions at your business.


Some of the pests we offer control against include:

Mice & Rats
And much more!



Ready to see how Aqua Pest Solutions Pest Control can keep your home or business pest-free all year long?

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