As spring arrives and warm weather approaches the chances of having spiders near or even in your home rise if you fail to prepare the exterior surroundings. In fact, the average female spider’s sac can hold up to 100 eggs and larger spiders can produce a sac containing 2,000 eggs. The female spider protects the eggs with a silk blanket and hangs the sac somewhere safe until eggs mature and hatch, generally taking a couple of weeks.

Spiders can be very beneficial to control other pests present around your home as they feed on insects including roaches, mosquitos, flies and more. Despite the fact that majority of spiders in the home are harmless, always be cautious; if a spider feels threatened they will bite you in the protection of themselves. Some spider species can deliver painful and venomous bites, such as the brown recluse spider which is very common in the Missouri region.




recluse spider bite

Ways to control spider population around your home
-Block points of entry; spiders typically enter homes through cracks and crevices.
-Avoid clutter and control humidity in dark areas such as basements and attics.
-Store seasonal clothing in sealed boxes or storage bags.
-Keep shrubs from touching the outside of your home.
-Clean up wood piles, these are perfect homes for spiders.
-Vacuum or remove spiders and webs from around your home, including the deck and patio furniture.

If you feel you have an excessive amount of spiders present in your home, have it inspected by a professional pest control technician. Aqua Pest Solutions are experts in treating for brown recluse spiders and protecting your family and home from unpleasant pests. We also offer boat dock spider control using a completely eco-friendly formula!

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