When springtime rolls around bugs and pest become active again, don’t let your home be an invitation to them. Pest looks for shelter, food, and water; there are ways to prevent the pests from invading your home.

Prevent invasion from outside pests
•When bugs come buzzing around, check your eaves to assure there is no space for them to travel through.
•Make sure your window screens are in good conditions, even the smallest hole can be an entryway for pests. Fill gaps with a caulking gun.
•Check your door sweeps to make sure they are in place and in working order to prevent a space for bugs to crawl through.
•Prevent pest from chewing on moist wood, make sure your gutters are in working order and the water is channeled away from your home.
•Don’t leave water out for pests to drink, if there is standing water near your house, fill the holes in with dirt.
•Inspect your foundations, seal and repair any cracks or crevices to prevent ants, spiders, mice, and other pests from coming into your home.
•Check the space between floor and baseboard for any gaps and inspect the wall for any cracks, seal with a caulking gun to block pest’s entrance until able to repair.

•Protect Food Sources
-Keep food in airtight containers such as flour, sugar, or cereals.
-Don’t leave food out; clean up and put away food, even the smallest crumb can attract pests.
-Deep clean often under kitchen appliances, especially those crumbs under the toaster.
-Keep your indoor garbage can far away from a back door.
-Have sealed lids on trash cans and place where wildlife cannot tip over.
-Water and puddles are roach magnets, be sure to empty sink water, clean up spills, and report or fix leaky faucets.

•Remove clutter your home, stacks of newspapers or magazines and piles of clothes are great places for a pest to nest. Store items and clothes in plastic tubs or plastic storage bags.
•Have a year-round routine pest control, call us for free inspections and estimates.

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