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Aqua Pest Solutions




With over 72 years of combined experience you can be sure our technicians have the knowledge to provide the expert-level service and attention to detail you value with the professionalism you deserve.

We are constantly expanding our knowledge and service options by staying up to date with the latest advances in pest control solutions. You can be certain you're receiving the best treatment options available, whether it's new and innovative eco-safe solutions or tried and true practices that have proven to be unparalleled for over 30 years.

Licensed and bonded in Arkansas + Missouri

Teresa Fears



Born and raised in Northwest Arkansas, Teresa spent 33 years in medical imaging before making the transition into pest control. Her love for the lake helped her see the need for better dock pest control solutions and Aqua Pest Solutions was born in 2015.

When Ms. Aqua isn't wrangling

spiders you can find her enjoying

condo life overlooking the lake and

spending time with family, more often

than not calling her beloved Hogs.

Teresa is the very proud mom of son

Trent and his wife Whitney, daughter

Tessa and her husband Taylor, 3 of

which you'll meet on the APS Team,

and her 5 grands, Liam, Levi, Laney,

Landree, and Lydia.