"Their service is very non-intrusive and their workers are courteous and friendly. More importantly, their service is very effective. Living on the water, our house and dock were constantly infested with spiders, wasps, and other pests. Now we have a nice, clean environment and don’t look like we’re living in the Addams family house. Highly recommend!"

-Mike B.

"These guys are great they came in cleaned and sprayed our whole marina within hours and it smelled soooo good ( bonus)! Highly recommend still no spiders!!! Thank you guys."

-Joey + Nikki D.

Listen to this!

"First season to use them and first season I did not have to clean spider poop off my boat seats! Amazing..."

-Thomas Q.

"We are starting our 3rd session with Aqua Pest treating our 15 slip dock on Table Rock Lake. Wow what a difference it has made. Only wish we would have done it 5 years ago."

-Scott T.

"Awesome Group of Guys!! My experience with APS is a little bit different than most. I was at Table Rock fishing when my motor quit, and the APS guys were kind enough to tow me back to the dock (several miles) AND give me a 30 minute ride back to my truck at the other end of the lake by land!!

It just so happens the dock they towed me to is one that they had recently treated. It was the most pristine 10 year old dock I have ever laid my eyes on! If I ever become a dock owner, my first call is to APS. For pest removal, not for another tow!!"

-Brandon M.